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Founded in 1996, Senkron Tech is a technology company that prepares its stakeholders for the future in many areas of life with the technological products and softwares it develops and the brands it creates, enabling them to meet the needs not only of today but also of the future. Solving the problems and needs of its stakeholders with innovation, Senkron Tech knows what awaits them in the next step and makes them ready for tomorrow with the solutions it produces. It carries its stakeholders ahead of time with solutions developed for wellness, facility/residential/apartment management, automotive, cargo/delivery and many other vertical sectors.

Senkron Tech prepares your company for the future!

Senkron Tech has always been a pioneer in its field; it has developed Senyonet, Turkey’s first residential and facility management software, Kargopark, Turkey’s first smart parcel locker, and FLYBY, a wellness management software used by more than 400 facilities worldwide.

Senkron Tech

Senkron Tech continuously improves itself by carrying the responsibility of ensuring that Turkey ranks among the top technology and innovation exporting countries.

The solutions we develop comply with international standards, adopt customer satisfaction as a principle and aim for sustainability.


To become a global actor that sets standards in the sectors in which we develop solutions by deepening our know-how in sectoral technologies, strong in R&D and innovation with a management approach that is aware of the importance of our intellectual capital.


In strategic sectors where we can add value, to design technology products that contribute to the sustainable development of our customers with our competent staff, gain competitive advantage, structure processes according to modern and innovative management principles, and to serve both local and global organizations that see our innovations as part of the solution by maintaining a customer-oriented approach. To take the companies we serve one step further in competition.

Brand Values

We are Curious:

The only thing that keeps us evolving is the constant curiosity that there could be a better version of everything.

We are Progressive:

We prioritize alignment with the next stage of the relevant industry and technology.

Adaptive Agility:

It improves our agility and adaptability required by transformation.

We Are Optimistic:

We focus on what is good and right. Our main goal is to benefit the industry and people.

Corporate Values


Our products and brands build trust. Behind them are more than twenty-five years of engineer care and attention.


The solutions and innovations we bring to problems support success.


We always look ahead. We evolve and innovate thinking about the next step.


We want to talk about new things and be present in people's lives with innovations.


Thanks to our foresight, we take far-sighted steps to address problems and areas of development.

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