Our Referencees

Senkron Tech

Senkron Tech encourages the companies it works with and serves to take the next steps. It introduces them tomorrow’s
technology from today. It focuses on people while producing technology. For the companies it works with;

A dynamic business partner.

Our Brands & References

Flyby Global

If you run a fitness, SPA, studio and aquapark, Flyby makes it easy for you to manage your business, so you have more time to focus and grow.


With Senyonet, you can bring together your dues, accounting, maintenance and purchasing processes. Perform your Site, Office and Shopping Mall management processes more fluently and smoothly with Senyonet.


Kargopark 26 is a subsidiary of Senkron Tech, which has experience, deep knowledge, experience and strong corporate structure.

Senkron SFM

Senkron SFM enables businesses to be followed up with specially prepared modules that can be applied according to the needs of companies. You can review the companies using Synchronous SFM here.

Senkron ERP

Senkron ERP is a corporate resource planning specially prepared for manufacturing companies, which can monitor and manage all processes of institutions. You can review the companies using Synchronous ERP here.